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Local Discount Savings uses our latest in technology and our proprietary strategies to take local businesses to an entirely new level.

We make you top of mind in your community and drive substantially more customers into your business every single month.

We want to showcase your business to the entire community as well as those that are visiting your community. Be one of the exclusive businesses that is fortunate to participate on your community's Local Discount Savings Digital Directory as well as your community Television Channel.

Ever felt so frustrated that your business is not growing? That you are spending so much money on marketing projects that aren't getting results? What can you do to change this and start seeing growth in your business? How can you make sure that your marketing efforts are actually reaching your target audience and driving sales? Are there any marketing strategies that you should be implementing that you haven't tried yet? Is there a way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?

Writing checks for marketing campaigns that don't work can be extremely frustrating. Not only does it feel like a waste of money, but it also represents a significant investment of time and effort. Planning and executing a marketing campaign takes a lot of work, from researching the target audience to creating the advertising materials. When that campaign doesn't produce the desired results, it can be disheartening and make it difficult to justify continuing to invest resources into future marketing efforts. Additionally, it can be difficult to determine what went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Overall, ineffective marketing campaigns can be a major source of frustration for businesses.

Local Discount Savings is the number one way to grow your business, increase your visibility and profitability. By joining Local Discount Savings, you will be top of mind to your entire community and put your business in front of more potential customers than ever before. The best part is that it takes very little time and effort to get started, and the benefits to your business are tremendous. With Local Discount Savings, you can expect an increase in foot traffic, higher sales, and a stronger bottom line. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level, join Local Discount Savings today and watch your business grow!

Here's What Local Businesses Are Saying...

Our restaurant needed something to help build our business up.  We had never seen anything like this.  It took 5 mins to sign up for the program and all of a sudden all these new customers started coming through the door.  It has been a life saver and we love having our business on  television.

As a dental office, time and resources are difficult to designate to anything new. Local Discount Savings is so easy, there really has been no effort on our part. We tried other ways to market ourselves, but this is the first program that got us in front of the entire community and consistently brought in new customers, and best of all without taking any time away from my staff.  Plus we are looked at as one of the top dental practices in town because the Digital Directory is very exclusive only allowing a few of each type of business. We jumped at the opportunity and haven't looked back.

Our roofing business has tried  many marketing  programs over the years including ads in magazines and the paper, postcards in the mail.  They were incredibly expensive, not very effective, and never seem to be seen at the time that people were needed a new roof or repair.  This is the first program that has really kept us at the forefront of our community.  It has solved all the problems of our traditional marketing by being ridiculously inexpensive (when I was introduced to the program, I thought it was too good to be true), does not take any efforts on our team's part, brings in a huge amount of new leads, gets us on TV, and incredibly keeps us on the minds of our community when they are ready for our services.  They really have changed local marketing and we are proud to be apart of it.

The most innovative, effective and cost effective way to advertise your business and keep you at top of mind to your customers.


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